The Powroznik Family History: Lukawiec to Canada



This is a brief history of the Powroznik and Dukacz families from their new beginnings in Canada back to Poland in previous generations.

The family of Piotr Powroznik, his wife Maria Dukacz, and his sister Marianna Powroznik (Woytas) journeyed Galicia to Canada in the early twentieth century, settling in Ituna, Saskatchewan, where their families grew and flourished.

While Piotr and his family left Saskatchewan for The Pas, Manitoba in the late 1920's, early 1930's, and then out to the west coast of Canada, to Burnaby, BC, his sister and her family remained in Saskatchewan.

The other families related to the Powroznik's; Dukacz, Kobialko or Kobialka also show up in Canada.  Are they too cousins from Poland that ventured to the "new world"?

The following pages show their ancestral lineage, and in the Photo album below you will find  photos of the Powroznik family (this will take you to another site or you can view them in the Photo Gallery page of this site.)


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